Having a child is life's biggest decision, says survey

Hard decision making in the UK

The decision to have a baby is the hardest one to make for UK adults according to OnePoll

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Deciding whether or not to have a child is one of life’s biggest choices, a study revealed.

Researchers found the discussion over having a baby takes more time and soul searching than it does moving house, buying a car or filing for divorce.

The OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults found other agonising decisions they faced included getting a pet, moving abroad and making GCSE and A-level choices.

The research, commissioned by Beagle Street Life Insurance, found making decisions often left people feeling ‘anxious’, ‘terrified’ and 'old'.

Beagle Street Life head of marketing Nicola Stubbs said: “It’s likely that we’ve all made decisions in our lives that we’ve regretted and we were surprised to see that people take the same amount of time to decide on a car as they do to end a relationship.

The survey found one in seven respondents to the survey found settling down with a partner was the first major life choice they made, the study also found 28 was the age most people made vital choices.

Results showed UK adults take on average 17 days to make landmark decisions, while over one third regretted a past choice resulting in trying to avoid making them where possible.

One fifth of people thought love-life based decisions had the biggest impact on the future, while 16 per cent felt it was career-based decisions that had the greatest effect.

Ms Stubbs added: “Decision making can be hard but if you're struggling it's always worth talking it through with family or friends.”

For more than a quarter of the respondents their parents and friends were the people they seek help making decision from, however nearly half would rather make a decision for themselves.

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