Head of £60m drug network jailed for 17 years

Head of multi-million pound drug network sentenced to 17 years

Klodjan Copja will spend 17 years in prison (Credit: Met Police)

Friday, August 11, 2017

The head of a drug network worth millions of pounds was handed a prison sentence earlier this week. 

Klodjan Copja, an Albanian national, pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs - specifically, cocaine - at Kingston Crown Court. 

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of consipiracy to supply drugs - one for the Class B type, and the other for Class A. 

The network had a net value of £60 million and the court heard Copja was caught as a result of a sustained two-year investigation - from April 2013 to July 2015 -  by Metropolitan Police. 

Other police forces became involved, with West Midlands Police, Thames Valley Police, Kent Police, and Bedfordshire Police assisting the London force in carrying out a surveillance operation on the drug supply network. 

A total of 12 people who played a role in the network were arrested as a result of this operation and handed prison sentences. 

While Copja hired new drug couriers and temporarily fled the UK in the wake of this, the Met’s Organised Crime Command began to systematically unravel his network. 

Eventually, the 30-year-old fled the country and went on the run, before being arrested in Greece and sent back to the UK in March 2017. 

Copja was sentenced to 17 years' imprisonment.