Heart surgeon 'thought sexual assault victims wouldn't speak out because he was too respected'

Heart surgeon 'thought victims wouldn't speak out due to his well-deserved renown'

Mohamed Amrani is a heart surgeon (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A heart surgeon who assaulted four women at work assumed they would not tell anyone because of his "well-deserved renown," a court has heard.

Mohamed Amrani, who is one of Britain’s top heart surgeons, allegedly raped a victim in his office at Harefield Hospital, west London, according to Court News UK.

It is also claimed that he groped three other women over a period of 13 years.

All but one of the attacks are said to have taken place at Harefield Hospital, with the other allegedly taking place The Bupa Cromwell Hospital, South Kensington, where he also worked.

Lawyers for the prosecution said: "His position conferred a high degree of authority, power and trust.

"He breached all three for his own sexual gratification confident that those whom he assaulted would not dare make a formal complaint.

"He was right in his assumption but only for a period of time."

After first appearing in court last year, Amrani's licence to practice was suspended leaving him unable to work, the Daily Mail said.

Amrani, who lives in a £1.7million mansion in Harrow, London, was charged with 11 offences.

This included one charge of rape, two charges of assault by penetration, two charges of sexual assault and six charges of indecent assault.

Amrani maintains all five women have fabricated their claims.