Heathrow drone protest: Eleven arrests made

There is an increased police presence at Heathrow

Friday, September 13, 2019

Eleven arrests have been made at Heathrow Airport, as climate change activists stage a day of drone protests.

It follows seven pre-emptive arrests made on Thursday, when officers caught suspected would-be drone pilots ahead of the planned action.

Among them was the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam.

Today's protests are being carried out by the activist group, Heathrow Pause - a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion - who are calling for a stop to the planned expansion of the airport and a reduction in carbon emissions.

The group are flying toy drones in the airport's 3.1 mile exclusion zone in an effort to ground flights.

However, Heathrow Airport confirmed its runways were still open despite the protest action.

Ahead of the protests, Heathrow issued a statement saying they agreed that action was needed to tackle climate change, but that it should be done through "constructive engagement".

But one of the protesters criticised the airport's approach to climate change, calling their sustainability strategy "utter nonsense".

"It talks about it in terms of offsetting 64,000 flights over a period of 10 years or something bonkers like that," he said.

"Offsetting doesn't cut it anymore."

Despite Heathrow Airport remaining open, the activist said he considers the protest to have gone well.

This morning's action was the latest in a string of climate change protests this year, including the widespread action in London in April, which saw Extinction Rebellion bring sites including Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge to a standstill.

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