Helicopter drops grenades on Supreme Court in Venezuela

Helicopter drops grenades on Supreme Court in Venezuela

Protests have previously taken place against the Venezuelan government

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Supreme Court in Venezuela's capital city has been attacked by grenades dropped by a helicopter.

President Nicolás Maduro described the incident in Caracas as a "terrorist attack", according to the BBC.

It is believed no injuries were caused as a result of the attack but Maduro said it could have resulted in "dozens of deaths". The president also said one of the grenades failed to explode.​

Footage on social media appears to show a police helicopter circling above buildings in the city before a loud bang and shots can be heard.

The whereabouts of the police officer who is believed to have flown the stolen helicopter are unknown.

However, it is thought that he gave a statement in which he denounced the "criminal government" in a video message on Instagram.

In the video, Oscar Perez said that his fight was "against the impunity of this government. It is against tyranny".

Several protests have already taken place against the country's current political and economic crises.

The Venezuelan opposition has often criticised the Supreme Court for rulings that maintain Maduro's power.

Reuters reported that the court was hit with four grenades and the interior ministry had 15 shots fired towards it.

Maduro has announced that he has "activated the entire armed forces to defend the peace. 

"Sooner or later, we are going to capture that helicopter and those who carried out this terror attack."