Henry Bolton crisis: Former Ukip deputy chair says leader must go now to spare fresh embarrassment over Jo Marney

Bolton is facing calls for his resignation over the Jo Marney affair

Henry Bolton is facing fresh calls for his resignation

Monday, January 22, 2018

A former deputy chair of Ukip has said Henry Bolton should resign as leader - as the party will simply remove him if he doesn't.

Suzanne Evans also said Nigel Farage might not be an automatic success if he returned, pointing out his multiple electoral failures as evidence.

Evans appeared on talkRADIO after the party's latest deputy leader, Margot Parker, resigned in protest at the ongoing scandal surrounding racist comments made by Bolton's former girlfriend Jo Marney.

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Evans told us that Bolton shouldn't put himself through the "embarrassment and humiliation" of an emergency meeting of the whole party, which, she believes, will simply lead to out and out dismissal. 

Bolton announced he had separated from Marney last week, but the pair were then pictured having dinner together.

Evans accused Bolton of "lie after lie", adding that members felt like they could not trust the leader.

However she added that there had been calls for Bolton to resign well before Marney's messages about Meghan Markle and black people emerged.

Many have called for Farage to return and save Ukip, but Evans, a long-time opponent of the Brexit figurehead, believes this would not be the panacea some predict, as Farage is a "marmite character" who has tried and failed to get elected as an MP seven times.

When asked by Julia whether there was any point to Ukip anymore, Evans admitted "There might have been the case for saying when we had the referendum, 'that's Ukip's job done.'"

She even raised the spectre of the party folding, saying "it's not looking good at the moment."

However she added that, given the current state of the Labour and Conservative parties, "there's a real need for a party like Ukip in politics."

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