Henry Bolton election: 'Ukip should be relieved Anne Marie Waters lost' says analyst

Henry Bolton: 'Ukip should be relieved Anne Marie Waters wasn't elected'

Henry Bolton is the new leader of Ukip (Credit: henrybolton.org)

Friday, September 29, 2017

New Ukip leader Henry Bolton has Nigel Farage's endorsement and members will be relieved Anne Marie Waters wasn't elected, according to a political commentator.

Bolton, a former army and police officer, has been elected as the new leader of Ukip, beating off the challenge of Waters - known for her hard-line anti-Islam views - and Peter Whittle.

Political analyst Mike Indian told Yasmeen Khan: "Crucially about Mr Bolton is he is very much coming at this tacitly with Nigel Farage's endorsement.

"If Mr Bolton can build on Nigel Farage’s legacy and make Ukip relevant again that’s something that with Miss Waters [Ukip] would’ve been unable to do.

"She’s a former Labour candidate but her extreme views on Islam and the campaign against Sharia law would have taken Ukip in the wrong direction.

"I think UKIP should be very relieved that Miss Waters hasn’t been elected here."

He thinks Bolton "may have inherited a slightly hollowed identity but he’s going to be keeping UKIP as a party together."

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