Henry Bolton refuses to deny he's still in relationship with racist Jo Marney during grilling from Julia Hartley-Brewer


Julia Hartley-Brewer said she could not be in a relationship with a racist

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ukip leader Henry Bolton has refused to deny he's still in a relationship with Jo Marney, despite her racist messages.

Bolton was quizzed by Julia Hartley-Brewer on his relationship with Marney this morning, and repeatedly refused to deny they were still together.

The former soldier, who has refused to resign the Ukip despite a vote of no confidence by Ukip's National Executive Committee and mass resignations on the party's front bench, claimed he had broken up with Marney at the start of last week, after her racist comments about Meghan Markle came to light.

However this morning he refused to confirm he had split with the glamour model, only saying that he was still "in contact" with Marney.

Bolton suggested that, despite the complexity of his relationship with Marney, he and his party have "moved on", as they are getting with on with reforming Ukip, adding that he still has the backing of ordinary party members despite the mass departure of senior figures.

However Julia ridiculed this notion, saying: ​"I don’t think we have moved on. I don’t think the country has moved on or indeed the party because you haven’t moved on.

"You said you'd broken up a relationship with this woman after her disgusting tweets. You were spotted having a cosy dinner with her last week. You haven’t moved on at all have you? You're still in a relationship with her." 

Our host added: "You’re basically saying [to the members] it’s me or nobody. I’m the best you've got. I’m somebody who's dating a racist woman, we all know about it, and I’m the best you've got Ukip.

"I could not be in a relationship with someone who held the sort of vile racist views that Jo Marney held. I could not have sex with them. I could not go to dinner with them. I could not be friends with them.


"So what does it say about you and what would it say about your party if your members support you, that they’re just fine with that and you are just fine with that?"

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