'Her comedy came from the soul' – John Maloney pays tribute to Caroline Aherne

'She was superb', says comedian John Maloney on Caroline Aherne

Comedienne Aherne passed away over the weekend, aged just 52

Monday, July 4, 2016

Comedian John Maloney has described Caroline Aherne, who passed away on Saturday, as "very laid-back and down to earth".

Well known for The Mrs Merton Show, The Fast Show and The Royle Family, Aherne lost her battle with cancer at the age of 52.

Stand-up comedian Maloney, a friend of Aherne's, paid a moving tribute.

"It's really sad because she's so young," he told Sam Delaney. "In the same way as Victoria Wood, Caroline would have had so much more to offer." 

"She was superb. When I first met her in London, she was doing Sister Mary Immaculate, and it was very funny. She was just a very nice woman, very ordinary, very laid-back, very down to earth.

"I think all her character comedy came from the soul. She was quiet but very funny. She could be barbed, but in a nice way, not of the people she was with, but she had a great turn of phrase.

"I think she loved The Royle Family and she loved the characters in the Royle Family. She wasn't doing it in any kind of disaffected way, she was doing it out of sheer love.

"She was an ordinary girl, from an ordinary background, and there should be many more of them on television at the moment.

"It's awful when you have to say a woman on her early 50s left a great legacy. I just wish she was still here really, and I know millions of others do too."