Highest court in France rules viewing jihadist websites isn't illegal

two-year prison sentence for consulting jihadist websites regularly, saying it infringed the freedom of communication unnecessarily and disproportionately.

The court overturned a law brought in after the Paris terror attacks

Friday, February 10, 2017

The highest court in France has ruled that the viewing of jihadist websites isn't illegal. 

The French constitutional court ruled a law banning people from the regular consultation of websites which encourage acts of terrorism to be unconstitutional. 

The law was brought in several months after the terror attacks in Paris which left 130 people dead and resulted in an ongoing state of emergency. 

It imposed a two-year prison sentence for anyone who regularly consulted jihadist websites, but judges have now ruled this is a disruption to freedom of communication.

The ruling comes a few hours after a high-profile series of arrests in Montpellier, where four people were arrested on suspicion on planning a 'mother of Satan' bomb attack in Paris.