Hillary Clinton emails cleared: 'There's a funny smell at the FBI' says former UK ambassador

Hillary Clinton was cleared by the FBI just hours before America goes to the polls

Monday, November 7, 2016

Former UK ambassador to Washington Sir Christopher Meyer has suggested "there's a smell about the director of the FBI" after Hillary Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing over her emails yesterday.

Last night FBI director James Comey said a fresh investigation into Clinton's private email server had found no criminal wrongdoing, prompting Donald Trump to suggest the system was riggered. 

Meyer told Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning: "You have to ask what has been going on in FBI headquarters? What have the pressures been?

"Normally, when you have the choice between cock-up and conspiracy, you say 'ah it was probably a cock-up.'"

Meyer went on to describe Trump as "one of the worst losers in the world" and said the billionaire would be a "smoking bomb" in the White House giving his extreme set of policies.