Hillary Clinton emails: 'FBI director's behaviour very troubling', says former Obama campaign tsar

'FBI director behaviour very troubling', says Democrat Karin Robinson

FBI director James Comey

Monday, October 31, 2016

The former vice-chair of Democrats Abroad has expressed her worry at the actions of FBI director James Comey after the announcement that the bureau was investigating emails relating to Hillary Clinton. 

The FBI announced last week that it had re-opened the investigation into Clinton's private email server, and has obtained a warrant to view more than 650,000 emails sent by Clinton in her time as Secretary of State. The revelation, which comes less than two weeks before the US election, prompted Harry Reid, the Democratic Leader in the US Senate, accused Comey of violating an act which bars officials from influencing an election.

Karin Robinson, the ex-field Director for the Obama Campaign in 2008, told Julia Harley-Brewer that the FBI's recent comments about Clinton have left a huge void of uncertainty, and the release of "cryptic, non-information within eleven days of the election, before they'd got a warrant" is not standard or common practice for the bureau.

Robinson also says it's incumbent on the FBI to "tell us what they're actually finding. Hillary is confident she has nothing to hide, [her campaign team] are] not concerned about these emails, but they're very concerned about an information gap causing people to make assumptions."