Hillary Clinton should 'stop going on about being a woman', says Trump-supporting Tory Philip Davies

Tory MP endorses Donald Trump and dismisses Hillary Clinton for 'woman-focused' campaign

Philip Davies (Credit: philip-davies.org.uk)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Tory MP Philip Davies has reiterated his support for Donald Trump and lambasted Hillary Clinton for "going on about the fact she is a woman". 

The MP for Shipley revealed he'd vote for the businessman in a heartbeat if he had a vote, because he's not a "quaffed, slick, well-prepared" politician.

He wrote in Heat Street: "He has essentially been waging as a one-man campaign against political correctness for some time.

"As someone who has fought a similar battle for years here in our Parliament, nobody will be surprised to hear that I can relate to that. 

"He has been gaining support with a political manner that could be described as 'blunt directness'. He is definitely straight-talking and, as a Yorkshireman, I certainly applaud that too.

"I think that we should celebrate politicians who stand up and say things that are unpopular and controversial."

In regard to Hillary Clinton, he couldn't have been more critical:

"She has spent much of her campaign going on about the fact that she is a woman. If anything is going to turn me off even more than left-wing policies, it is that.

"I would never vote for someone just because of their gender (male or female) and I sincerely hope Americans do not fall into that politically correct trap."