Hillary Clinton 'stunned and thrilled' at Adele's support

Hillary Clinton 'stunned and thrilled' at Adele's support

Adele and Hillary Clinton

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton has revealed she was "stunned and thrilled" to receive Adele's backing to be the next President of the United States.

Although she is unable to vote in the looming election herself, the British megastar still had her say by urging fans to reject Donald Trump as she performed in Miami on Tuesday night.

"Don't vote for him, that's what I'm saying," Adele told crowds, who cheered in reply. The hugely popular Oscar winner's words came as an early birthday present for the Democratic candidate, who turned 69 on Wednesday.

Clinton said she was "really grateful" to receive the British star's endorsement, which came just hours after former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell backed her bid for the White House.

She told US radio station SiriusXM: "I went to the Adele concert after we finished our day of campaigning in Florida, and I was stunned and thrilled because I'm a huge fan of hers and it meant a lot to me that she said something so positive."

However her Republican rival was not so generous. While not responding to Adele, Trump used this as an opportunity to hit out at Hillary Clinton by comparing it to a time when he received criticism for attending the opening of his latest luxury hotel in Washington.

He told ABC News: "I think it's so unfair because, you know, Hillary Clinton goes to see an Adele concert last night, and everybody says 'oh, wasn't that nice, isn't that wonderful?'

"She goes, she does one stop. She has no energy. She's got nothing going. She does one stop. And nobody complains about that. Nobody complains when she goes to an Adele concert all night long, while I'm making two speeches at rallies with, you know, massive crowds."

Prior to the concert, Adele had made it subtly clear she does not support Donald Trump. During campaigning to become the Republican candidate, Trump used her hits Rolling In The Deep and Skyfall at his rallies. In response, her spokesman pointed out she hadn't given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.