Hillsborough cover-up scandal was born at Orgreave, says campaigner

'Police who falsified evidence at Orgreave were given the confidence to do it again at Hillsborough', says Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Orgreave miners strike

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Battle of Orgreave gave the police the confidence to cover up what happened at Hillsborough, according to the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

Home secretary Amber Rudd has announced there will be no enquiry into what happened at Orgreave. In 1984 thousands of miners clashed with police at the Yorkshire coking site. Campaigners claim South Yorkshire Police falsified evidence about the incident and they were heavy-handed.

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign chairperson Joe Rollin told Jonny Gould and Ash: "They've always said, right from the start, that we'll never get to the bottom of what happened at Hillsborough until we find out what happened at Orgreave.

"The police who falsified the evidence against the miners were then given the confidence to go and do that again [at Hillsborough] five years later," he added. "It was probably [the Tories] that instructed the police to behave in the way that they did.

"Wherever there was a pit, there's now a business park, and they're employing our children on zero-hour contracts and paying them the minimum wage. That’s the legacy of the miners' strike and that's another reason why we need justice for the miners."

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