Hillsborough: South Yorkshire chief constable David Crompton to fight forced resignation in court

South Yorkshire Police's David Crompton to take legal action over resignation

David Crompton

Friday, September 30, 2016

The chief constable of South Yorkshire Police is to take legal action after being asked to resign over his response to the Hillsborough disaster inquiry.

David Crompton was asked to stand down by Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings yesterday due to a statement he made in the wake of the inquiry, suggesting "other contributory factors" were responsible for the Hillsborough tragedy aside from police mismanagement. 

Billings said Crompton had resorted to "self-justifying" claims and had defended controversial questioning by the force's legal teams at the Hillsborough inquest, questioning the behaviour of fans during the FA Cup semi-final in 1989.

He claimed the officer had failed to understand the hurt and anger this caused among the families of those killed in the football tragedy.

Dr Billings told BBC Radio 4: "That was very unfortunate because it indicates that South Yorkshire police were still in the position of not being able to get themselves into the shoes of victims.

"They were still self-justifying."