History teacher banned from YouTube for ‘hate speech’

Thousands of YouTube channels are expected to be banned under new hate speech rules

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A teacher who uploads historical video clips to YouTube has been suspended from the platform as part of its major crackdown on “hate speech”.

The Mr Allsop History YouTube channel, run by Scott Allsop, featured educational videos of Nazi propaganda speeches for teachers and students.

But it was taken down under the site's new hate speech guidelines.

Mr Allsop said the Nazi content was “around 10 per cent of all videos”.

“I'm devastated to have this claim levelled against me, and frustrated 15 years of materials for History Teacher community have ended so abruptly," he said.

“Many other channels are left branded as promoting hate when they do nothing of the sort.”



YouTube said it has reviewed its policies to ensure it’s “drawing the line in the right place”, and Mr Allsop's channel has now been restored and his suspension lifted.

The new rules now target videos that discriminate based on “age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status”.

Conspiracy videos that claim events such as the Holocaust or Sandy Hook school shooting didn’t happen are also now banned.

Thousands of accounts are expected to be deleted.

But many users said they had been targeted because of their political views.

British musician Xurious, whose songs include Rise of the Alt Right, Fight for Western Civilisation and White Awake, has also had his account suspended for “hate speech”.



He tweeted: “Instrumental electronic music is ‘Hate Speech’ now, apparently.

“My music was never intended to encourage hatred towards other groups, or violence towards anybody.

“The rules as to what constitutes "Hate Speech" are obviously not being evenly applied.”

YouTube say he is prohibited from “creating any other YouTube accounts” and he has the chance to appeal against the suspension.



According to YouTube, accounts can be suspended for comments users publish on the site.

Creator Jared George, whose videos comment on what he describes as the "anti-white movement" said his channel The Great Order was “nuked without warning” for hate speech.

He said he “never said anything against other groups, just positive things about my heritage”.



YouTube said the changes have “generated a lot of questions and confusion.”

“Going forward, we'll be taking a closer look at our own harassment policies, with the aim to update them," the platform said in a statement.

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