Hit-and-run suspect buried car in back garden in attempt to hide from police

Hit and run suspect buried car in back garden in attempt to hide from police

The man took photos with the buried car (Credit: Handout)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A man who allegedly drove into three people in a hit and run buried his car in an attempt to hide from police in China, according to local media.

News website CN West claimed two people on electric bikes and on person on foot were hit in the Shaanxi province last week. All three were taken to hospital with fractures.

Despite the suspect digging a hole in his back garden and hiding his car underneath sand, police have now detained the man, according to the South China Morning Post.

He had also allegedly thrown items he'd used to create the hole and bury the car in a river.

It is claimed the man has said the reason he tried to hide the car was because he was so scared of being sent to prison.

Officers were able to use CCTV and use pieces of the bumper of the car to work out the type of vehicle which had caused the accident.

Police also reportedly used social media and local village officials to help in the search for the suspect.

However it is alleged the father of the suspect convinced him to hand himself to the police on Sunday (March 11).

Police are still investigating the matter.