Hitler birth house to be seized after Austrian politicians agree deal

Austrian politicians agree to seize the house where Hitler was born

The house where Hitler was born

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Austrian politicians have passed a law to allow the house where Adolf Hitler was born to be expropriated.

The law, passed on Wednesday night, ends a dispute between the owner of the building, Gerlinde Pommer, and authorities in Braunau am Inn, according to reports.

Pommer previously used the building as a guesthouse, and it has also been rented out as a charity day centre and a workshop for people with learning difficulties. However Pommer received compensation from the Austrian Government to prevent it from becoming an attraction for neo-Nazi tourists.

She will now be compensated for the loss of the house, however the sum has not been revealed and it is not clear what the government will do with the property.

Heritage experts are against pulling the building down and other ideas for its use have included offices or a cultural centre.