Hitler, Churchill and the Computer: Could Nigel Farage join them in the TIME magazine hall of fame?

Hitler, Churchill and the Computer: The list of previous TIME magazine winners
The Computer (1982)
Barack Obama (2008 and 2012)
Adolf Hitler (1938)
Winston Churchill (1940 and 1949)
Mark Zuckerberg (2010)
The Ebola fighters (2014)

Nigel Farage is a contender for the 2016 award.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

If Nigel Farage is named person of the year by TIME magazine this year, he'll be in good company. And bad company. And very unusual company.

Since the first 'person of the year' award was doled out nearly 90 years ago TIME has recognised some pretty dubious people. In fact some of its winners haven't been people at all, the adjudicators preferring to recognise machines and nebulous societal concepts.

Some of the previous TIME awards were probably a little misguided, particularly those conferred during the late 1930s, but they've also shone a light on some truly brilliant individuals and, even in the dullest of years, they've managed to get people talking.

Farage's nomination this year might not be to everyone's taste, given it is principally due to Brexit, a subject which has divided British people like no other in recent memory.

But some of the previous award winners make old Nige look positively vanilla - as you'll see by clicking through the gallery above.