'Hitler had the best ovens' - Jewish shop in Stamford Hill receives 'horrifying' call

'Hitler had the best ovens' - Jewish shop receives 'horrifying' call

Someone called the shop with a terrifying message (Stock image)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Staff working in a Jewish shop in London were left shocked and horrified after someone called and said "Hitler had the best ovens” before hanging up.

It is not clear who the person was on the other end of the phone just after 6pm last night (November 30), according to The Metro.

The owner of the shop, Brauns Judaica in Stamford Hill, has spoken about what happened.

He said: "He picked up the call and said, as usual, 'Hello welcome to Brauns, how may I help you today?'

"The caller on the other line just said, 'Hitler had the best ovens' – and then hung up."

The member of staff who picked up the call has also said he felt "disgusted, shocked and frightened" particularly as most of his family "perished in the war."

The call resulted in the shop being closed for the rest of the day and the owner contacted the police as well as the local Jewish community security service Shomrim.

The president of Shomrim in Stamford Hill said: "If there are still those that question the danger of the rise of the far right, this is a wake up call."