'Hitler of the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte suffers assassination attempt

President Duterte's security team injured in roadside bomb attack

President Duterte

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Seven members of President Rodrigo Duterte's security team have been wounded after being hit by a roadside bomb.

The attack happened in the southern Philippines, just a day before the Philippine president, who has been likened to Adolf Hitler for his brutal policies, is due to visit an area where Islamist militants and government troops are fighting.

Those that were injured were airlifted to safety immediately after the attack. The President's media team were also at the scene but unharmed.

Duterte has said he will still visit the town of Butig tomorrow, despite being advised not to.

In a speech he said: "The advice was to postpone. I said no, I will go there. And if possible, take the same route.

"Maybe we can have a little gunfight here, gunfight there."