Hitler, Putin and Sinn Féin - the 'interesting' views of Jeremy Corbyn's closest comrades

Hitler, Putin, and Sinn Féin - the interesting views of Jeremy Corbyn's inner circle
Jayne Fisher - Head of stakeholder engagement (Credit: YouTube)
Seumas Milne - Director of Strategy and Communications
John McDonnell - Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
Andrew Fisher - Senior Policy Advisor (Credit: LEAP Economics)
Ken Livingstone

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn welcomed a new member of staff to his team today, and suffice to say it caused a firestorm. 

Jayne Fisher will be in charge of 'stakeholder engagement' from January, and the move has infuriated Labour MPs because she used to head up the London office of Sinn Fein - the Northern Irish party widely seen as the political wing of the militant IRA during the 1970s and 1980s. Fisher previously worked directly for Gerry Adams, the figurehead of the IRA during a period in which the group carried out several terrorist attacks on British and Irish cities.

Fisher is certainly not the only controversial member of Corbyn's inner circle. In fact practically every one of the Labour leader's closest confidantes is known to hold divisive views on world affairs, from Vladimir Putin's Russia to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

To Corbyn's supporters this demonstrates his principles, decency and strength of character, a stark contrast with the perceived pusillanimy of Tony Blair. To his detractors, however, his coterie is a toxic rogue's gallery, its members a rag-bag bunch of privileged north London socialists whose views are as irrelevant as they are hypocritical.

But whatever your views on Corbyn's comrades, you must concede that they've brought colour to British politics - usually a deep reddish hue, but colour nonetheless. Love them or hate them, they're fiendishly hard to ignore.

Click on the slideshow above to look at those who form Corbyn's inner circle, and the views that have made so many headlines.

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