Hitman kills pregnant former school friend after taking her on date

Hitman kills former school friend after taking her on date

A hitman killed a pregnant woman (Stock image)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A hitman murdered a pregnant woman he went to school with - after taking her on a date.

Rose Marie Hunt was eight months pregnant when David Galindo contacted her on social media, according to Worldwide Weird News.

Lieutenant Steve Dorris, from the Baytown Police Department, said the woman then agreed to go on a date with Galindo.

After the date, Galindo pulled out a gun while in the car with Hunt and shot her in the head, before dumping the woman's body and fleeing the scene.

When investigating her death, police discovered that Galindo had been paid $1,500 (£1,200) to kill the woman as well as her baby.

The money was then traced back to a man named Derick Metcalf, who turned out to be the father of the baby.

Galindo confessed to the murder after being arrested by police. Metcalf was also arrested, as was Galindo's girlfriend Daizy Costello, who was aware of the intended murder and had even helped her partner plan it.