HIV positive MP hits out at Jeremy Hunt in heated Twitter exchange

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lloyd Russell-Moyle. Image: PA

Friday, November 30, 2018

HIV positive MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has called the former health secretary's well-wishes towards him a "bit rich" in a heated exchange on Twitter.

The Labour MP became the first MP to reveal his HIV status in the House of Commons yesterday, and the second-ever MP to disclose he was living with the virus.

Jeremy Hunt posted on Twitter that he had "massive respect" for the politician, adding that his announcement would "give hope" to others who were HIV positive.


'Bit rich'

Responding to the tweet, Mr Russell-Moyle said Mr Hunt's words were a "bit rich", writing: "Ta for the warm words but bit rich after you gutted £600m from public health NHS spend.

"Men are contracting HIV as the gov is blocking full PrEP in England."

PrEP is a drug taken by HIV-negative people before sex, which reduces the risk of getting HIV.

Mr Russell-Moyle said his decision to announce his HIV status came as pressure mounted on Ministers to review cuts to sexual health budgets.



"I've laid down a number of questions for the minister, particularly around PrEP - this pill you can take to stop you getting HIV," said Mr Russell-Moyle told the Press Association.

"It's almost completely effective and it is available for anyone that wants it in Scotland, anyone that wants it in Wales, for anyone that wants it in numerous places around the world.

"But in England, for some bizarre reason - not because of the cost of the drug itself but for some other spurious reasons - the government has decided to cap it and so I've asked the government a question about reviewing that cap because it doesn't seem to make sense."