Holocaust survivor: The next generation 'will question Holocaust deniers'

Steven Frank

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Holocaust survivor Steven Frank revealed he as "tremendous faith" in the next generation to keep the memories of fellow survivors alive.

Appearing on the Matthew Wright show, Mr Frank shared his experiences of growing up during the Holocaust, and losing his father to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Mr Frank explained that "being a Jew didn't mean anything to me whatsoever," and spoke of his confusion at being excluded from his local playground and primary school at the age of five.



"I wasn't allowed to go in there and all the other children where I lived, this is where we used to play in the playground, and suddenly I wasn't allowed to go in there because I was a Jew. I couldn't understand why, I hadn't done anything, I hadn't broken anything," he said.

Wright pressed Mr Frank on whether he was concerned that when no survivors remained, Holocaust deniers would become more prominent.


'Tremendous faith'

WATCH: The full interview with Holocaust survivor Steven Frank

"We are now bringing into the world a generation that will question Holocaust deniers," Mr Frank replied.

"I have tremendous faith in the young people of today. I hear time and time again that people say that talk that a Holocaust survivor gave in a school is something they will never forget.

"Of all the talks of all the people who come there and talk about various things, the one of the Holocaust survivor is the one that they remember most."