Home Office should be 'put in the dock' for losing track of foreign criminals in UK, says vice chair of Migration Watch

UK border

Friday, November 9, 2018

The vice chair of Migration Watch UK has said the Home Office should be "put in the dock" for losing track of 450 foreign criminals in the last two and a half years.

Alp Mehmet appeared on the breakfast show to discuss the news that murderers and rapists were among those who fell off the Home Office's radar while facing deportation from the UK.

More than 200 were still missing up to two years after contact with officials ceased.

"The Home Office should now be put in the dock and asked to explain themselves," Mr Mehmet told Julia Hartley-Brewer. 



"Even this 200 is probably an underestimate of the number of people that we want to remove but in fact are still in the community. That's where it's going wrong, people who should no tbe released into the community are, often because there isn't any space to keep them in."

Mr Mehmet said the answer was "expanding our detention estate" and looking "much more closely" at who is allowed to enter the UK.

"They're not being monitored and that is the problem. Perhaps we should be looking much more closely about who we allow into this country."