Homeless man arrested for 'stealing half a million euros from airport'

Homeless man arrested for 'stealing half a million euros from airport'

The man allegedly stole the money in cash

Friday, February 23, 2018

Police have arrested a man suspected of stealing half a million euros (£440,000) from an airport in Paris, following a search which started last year. 

The man is thought to be homeless and allegedly took the money in cash on December 8, according to The Local.

It is claimed he was simply able to open a Loomis office door where he found the stash at the airport. Loomis is a firm which transfers money between companies.

Officers have now arrested him in relation to the theft at the Charles de Gaulle Airport after conducting an identity check.

However, despite officers finding the suspect in a shelter in La Courneuve, north Paris, he reportedly claims he no longer has the money.

The man is said to have told police he was kidnapped and attacked after the robbery and the perpetrators stole the majority of the money from him.

He is also said to have claimed he'd already spent the cash he did have and had handed some of it over to his friends.

Often money stored in this way has an ink-trap and a GPS tracker, but the money stolen on this occasion had neither of these safety measures.

A source from the police told Le Parisien: "It seems the money stolen that day came from a fresh collection and therefore these notes are untraceable."