Honda team up with specialists to create 3D printed car

Honda team up with specialists to create a 3D printed car

3D printers (not pictured) were used to create the car (Getty)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Honda have teamed up with 3D printing specialists Kabuku to create a 3D printed car.

The reason for creating the vehicle, which is smaller than a full-sized car, was for confectionery company Toshimaya to navigate narrow streets in Japan's Kamakura Prefecture.

There is just enough space in the "Micro Commuter" for a driver and a boot full of boxed confectionary.

The project is significant as it shows there are opportunities to create vehicles with a specific purpose. It is hoped that, in the future, other companies can have delivery transport custom-made.

After two months spent designing the car, it took a whole month of solid printing to create.

The car is powered by electricity from three separate battery packs and can travel a maximum of about 50 miles. Toshimaya is known for its bird-shaped cookies, and so a bird motif is emblazoned on the car.

Honda has also made bespoke Micro Commuters for other clients, one for a roasting company with a removable coffee cart and another for a fish company, shaped like a fish.