Honours list row: 'Critics in the Labour Party are a bit misplaced' - The Sun's ex-political editor plays down David Cameron's 'cronies list'

'I have to say critics in the Labour Party are a bit misplaced' - George Pascoe-Watson plays down David Cameron's Honours List row

David Cameron's list of recommendations for honours has sparked controversy

Monday, August 1, 2016

A former national newspaper political editor has played down the budding row surrounding the leak of David Cameron's recommendations for the next honours list.

Last weekend, The Sunday Times leaked documents which revealed the people the former prime minister wanted to provide with knighthoods and other state recognition.

Many of them were prominent voices for the Remain campaign and key Conservative party donors.

Cameron's replacement as prime minister, Theresa May, has refused to block his suggestions, with a Downing Street spokesperson saying: "It would set a very bad precedent for a new prime minister to interfere in the official processes."

George Pascoe-Watson, the former political editor of The Sun, said the subsequent furore surrounding Cameron's list requests was "a bit misplaced".

"I knew there would be some sort of row about this," he told Paul Ross. "It's a large number this time around at 48 – but it's what every outgoing prime minister has always done.

"I have to say critics in the Labour Party are a bit misplaced, because the truth is it's more than just a job in politics. 

"It is about loyalty under extreme circumstances. It's recognition of that. 

"People are trying to get a row out because [there is] a suggestion they've been rewarded for backing Remain over Leave."

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