Hounslow Council's ruling Labour group pledges support for a second referendum

Hounslow Council's ruling Labour group pledges support for a second referendum

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Houslow Council’s ruling Labour group has announced its support for a ‘People’s Vote’.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is opposed to a second Brexit referendum, but many Labour MPs support it.

The GMB Union has also spoken out in favour of a vote on the final deal.

Some 50 of the 60 seats on Hounslow Council are held by Labour. The motion to support a second referendum was proposed by Labour Group Chair Councillor Salman Shaheen, and will be passed by the council at its meeting next month.

It will join Richmond upon Thames Council in formally supporting the People’s Vote campaign.


'Brexit will be a disaster for working-class people'

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“The Labour conference commences in Liverpool this week and already we know that the defining issue will be Brexit,” said Cllr Shaheen.

“With almost 80% of Labour members supporting a People’s Vote, I believe it is highly likely that conference will back a referendum on the final deal.

“That’s because Brexit will be a disaster for the working-class people our party was founded to represent.

“They are the ones whose rights will be ripped up by any deal the government negotiates and they deserve a say on that. Hounslow Council has already had to make heartbreaking decisions to cope with central government slashing our budget. No more. We cannot afford the devastation that further cuts brought about by a Conservative Brexit will bring to our communities.


Council will write to Theresa May

“Jeremy Corbyn has always been on the right side of history and at conference he has a chance to show it again. As the true consequences of Tory Brexit become clear, I hope he will see the wisdom in giving the people a chance to turn away from the cliff the government is walking us towards."

The council will liaise with the official People’s Vote campaign, and write to Theresa May to urge her to hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

It will also write to Corbyn to ask for his support.

Brexit, and the topic of a second referendum, is set to be high on the agenda at conference, which begins on Sunday 23 September in Liverpool.