House of Lords must axe 200 peers, urge MPs

House of Lords

The Queen addresses the House of Lords. Image: Getty

Monday, November 19, 2018

A group of MPs have called for the House of Lords to axe 200 peers, claiming it is no longer functioning effectively.

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) have urged the number of Lords to be cut and capped at 600, instead of the current 800.

A report released by the Committee argues the growing size of the House of Lords is affecting the Chamber's ability to function effectively, and that slashing numbers would be an "obvious step".



The group have suggested a "two-out-one-in" policy, and are also calling for an appointing body to justify new appointments, which would be allocated to parties according to their vote share in the previous general election, as well as committing to greater diversity.

Chairman of PACAC, Sir Bernard Jenkin, said: "The House of Lords is of vital importance to the UK's political system, carrying out important scrutiny and revising functions, but it is a problem that the size of the Chamber continues to grow exponentially.

"This is an urgent window of opportunity and the government and other party leaders must seize this moment of consensus to ensure the number of peers is reduced to 600 over the years ahead."