'The Housing White Paper is pointless and Brexit will make property crisis worse'

Housing White Paper: 'The Government's plans have no substance and Brexit will make the housing crisis worse'

The Government said 250,000 new homes are needed each year

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Government is making promises on housing with no substance and building new houses will become harder after Brexit, according to a leading estate agent.

The Government has vowed to build more affordable houses in order to stimulate both the buy and rental markets in a White Paper. It says at least 250,000 new homes are needed each year to keep up with demand.

Simon Gerrard, former president of the National Association of Estate Agents, told Sam Delaney: “There’s no substance as to how they’re actually going to achieve it.

“The situations going to get even worse with the Brexit scenario as we won’t have any European builders coming over here to fill the gaps [to build new houses].

“If you want to build more homes you need more land. The majority of land owners have no incentive whatsoever to sell their land," he explained.

"The only way really to do that is to say a one off for the next three or four years, we will give a moratorium on capital gains tax for land sale."

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