'How can anyone seriously say Prince Philip worked hard?' asks republican campaigner

'One of the biggest myths about the Royal Family is that they work hard', says campaign group Republic

Prince Philip will no longer carry out official public engagements

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Royal Family is treated differently to anyone else in the public eye and it's a myth that they work hard, according to anti-monarchy campaign group Republic.

Chief executive Graham Smith made the comments, after it was announced that the Duke of Edinburgh would no longer carry out official public engagements from autumn this year.

Smith told Julia Hartley-Brewer that one of the biggest myths about the monarchy is that they work hard. For example, he said,Philip didn't create the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, he just gave his name to it.

But former Buckingham Palace spokesperson Dickie Arbiter, who was debating Smith on Julia's show, argued that it was nonsense to suggest that he had no input in the award scheme. He added that the royal family's work requires a lot of research and time, so he can't be blamed for wanting to scale back at 96.

Smith also suggested that a lot of what Prince Philip has done being rude to people, and that if it was anyone else in a public position they would have been thrown out of the role.

But Arbiter believes when he says odd things from time to time, it's not too damaging - as people move on quickly. He also believes young royals like Prince William and Prince Harry appeal to the younger generation, but Smith slammed the suggestion as a fantasy.

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