'How do we get the Daily Mail shut down?' - Paper faces firestorm over Ariana Grande article

'How do we get the Daily Mail shut down?' - Paper comes under fire for online piece about Ariana Grande's stage outfits and Islamists

An article written by the outlet has drawn fire on Twitter

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Daily Mail has come under heavy fire on Twitter for a piece published online about Ariana Grande's outfits. 

The article, written by James Harken, is titled 'How Ariana Grande and her revealing stage outfits are a symbol of everything Islamists hate.'

Harkin argues that the singer's costume choices while on stage might have been a reason why Salman Abedi targeted her concert.

But that hasn't necessarily gone down well on Twitter, who immediatedly fired on the Daily Mail for discussing Grande's clothing.

See their response here: