This is how humans would need to look in order to withstand a car crash

Just how would humans need to look in order to withstand a car crash?

The model named Graham (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Artist Patricia Piccinini has designed a rather bizarre-looking human model which is adapted to survive low-speed crashes.

The Australian government’s Transport Accident Commission thought of the idea and commissioned Piccinini to create the piece, Popular Science said.

The idea is that people will think about road safety more as they realise how vulnerable humans are... because we definitely don't look like this model.

The artist consulted a trauma surgeon and a road safety engineer to work out the physical characteristics a human would need to survive a crash on the road.

The man is named Graham and his ribcage is full of airbags in order to absorb the impact of a collision and keep his organs safe. His skull is also thick like a helmet.

Extra cerebrospinal fluid cushions his brain and fat around his face works as padding. His nose is also flat so that it won't break.

He won't be getting whiplash as he doesn't have a neck, but he does have many joints in his legs so that he can leap to safety as a pedestrian.

Graham will be spending his time at the State Library of Victoria until August, before moving to other galleries. 

Those paying a visit to Graham can use Google's augmented reality technology to look closely at his adaptations under the skin.