'How to leave the Labour Party' tops Google searches after leadership election closes

Jeremy Corbyn is widely expected to win the Labour leadership contest (Getty)

Friday, September 23, 2016

'How to leave the Labour party' is the top trending question in the UK, according to Google Trends.

The news comes a day after voting closed in the Labour leadership election, which is widely expected to be won by Jeremy Corbyn.

The election was open to anyone willing to make a monthly payment of £3 and a one-off fee of £25. Those who joined the party with the sole purpose of voting for Corbyn or Owen Smith may now be seeking a way out.

talkRADIO tried to contact the Labour Party to ask how to cancel memberships, but the line was, helpfully, dead.

However we have it on good authority that anyone who wishes to scrap their membership can do so simply by cancelling their direct debit.