How to survive a North Korean nuclear strike: An American prepper takes us into his bunker

The preppers are dedicated to being ready for any eventuality

The preppers are dedicated to being ready for any eventuality

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

James Walton is a writer, broadcaster and survivalist. You can find out more about him by going to the Prepper Broadcasting website or following them on Twitter.

The American prepper is a unique creature in 2017. After shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers sought to label this group by only introducing its fringe elements to the public, the prepper has seen a rebound that has stimulated both the left and right of politics and daily life.

In America there are right-wing, Christian preppers and now there are also liberal, agnostic preppers. There is a big reason for this.

While the modern American may look at the prepper as an anomaly, history looks at the carefree American as the anomaly. Throughout most of history humans have been working hard to survive and preparing for the next attack, disaster or other disease.

Preppers are merely exhibiting behavior of a species that is concerned with its own survival. With supermarkets, police and a civil society all of this “preparation” seems silly to the average person. Of course, when things like nuclear war awake from a short slumber, these ideas are suddenly more valid.

The True Korean Threat

The North Korean military pales in comparison to the monolithic power house that is the American military. A true war would be a no contest. Of course, that is not what concerns us most. For preppers the true Korean threat lies in our continuous appeasement of the nation. The true sentiment amongst preppers is:

“Maybe they can hit us, maybe they cannot. If we allow them the time to progress, eventually they will.”

This was something I mentioned on my podcast I am Liberty. There is growing concern for the West coast and Hawaii, even among the most moderate preppers.

This is because we have seen test after test. We have seen the Japanese executing bomb drills out of fear of this mad dictator’s actions. Could you imagine a rogue missile hitting Japan?

Though the threat is hardly reduced, I think it is the waiting game that is forcing preppers to bolster their preps for dealing with nuclear fallout. Though it’s a highly unlikely situation, to not be prepared would be total insanity.

What are American Preppers Doing?

All across the nation American preppers are reading, watching and learning about what can be done to stem the tide of a nuclear attack. Sites like offer live radio shows most nights with hosts talking about topics just like the Korean threat. They also offer a 24/7 stream that replays some of the best shows out there for preparedness information.

Preppers understand that there is no chance of survival if they are caught in this blast. No matter how much you prepare, the fireball at the center of a nuclear blast will vaporize anything in its path. It can get up to 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the debris, heat and radiation just outside the blast will kill anyone in a close enough proximity.

An elaborate doomsday bunker will prove useless if you are in the blast area as well, considering you'll only have a few minutes' warning. If you are caught in the blast radius, it’s over.

The true concern comes from a surface detonation that carries a large plume of nuclear fallout in the direction of you and your loved ones. This radiation can cause life-threatening radiation poison. Most preppers are taking precautions to ensure that they are prepared for this situaiton.

The American Preppers Fallout Toolkit

This is your typical 'survival toolkit. Many preppers are stocking up on these items to prepare for the worst possible scenario.

Radiation Measurement

Having a tool on hand to measure nuclear fallout can be tremendously helpful. You will find that the radiation will breakdown in about seven hours to considerably less rads. Having a way to measure that really makes a difference.

The Nukalert is a proven tool if you don’t want to spend the money on something like a geiger counter.

Fallout Protection

Fallout protection is about layers. Thick blankets, mattresses and pillows piled in the center of your home, away from windows and areas where fallout could land, are your best bet.

Nuclear Fallout Plan

All of the above mentioned are pretty worthless if you don’t have a plan and know when to engage that plan. A basic fallout plan should address measuring the threat. Understanding wind direction is crucial to knowing if the fallout is headed your way.

Also, bringing food and water into your fallout shelter is crucial, whether that is inside the home, under a mattress or underground. Having supplies like a windup emergency radio is important as well.

HEMP Threat

There are very real concerns in the prepper community about North Korea’s ability to launch a nuclear weapon from a satellite that would detonate high above the atmosphere and cause what is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse - or a HEMP if you know your lingo.

This EMP would fry either one or all three of the massive electrical grids in the nation. This would destroy our ability to communicate, produce and even provide clean water for citizens to drink. Inevitably, massive riots and panic would ensue.

There are things worse than nuclear bombs and the EMP is just that. A nation without power or a steady flow of resources would slowly eat itself alive. The only thing worse than going to war with a foreign power is going to war with your neighbour over the last jug of clean water. The casualties of the Fat Boy bomb in 1945 would pale in comparison to what would happen to a nation of 300 million that was locked in the dark.

This is no fantasy. The EMP has not only been studied in depth but scientists and industry experts have come together to create a commission that would assess the threat of an EMP. They created a report that was submitted to and read by congress. The threat is real. See for yourself by reading the full report on the EMP Commission's website.


Preppers, survivalists, homesteaders and the like are looking for something. They want self-sufficiency and they also want to be ready for tough times. This threat has charged up the base and it’s good to see our chatrooms full over at Prepper Broadcasting.

If you find that you want to learn more about self-reliance and independence don’t hesitate to visit us for a live show. You will find that the American prepper community is much more welcoming than it was originally thought. We like people. That is why we prep. We want to see people pull through any disaster. This North Korean threat is just another obstacle.

We will be ready. What about you?