Hugh Hefner praised by LGBT advocates for promoting gay rights back in 1955

Report praises Hugh Hefner for being a longtime gay rights supporter after key story was published in 1955

Hefner published a short story depicting a world where homosexual people were the majority while heterosexuals were in the minority in 1955

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner has been heralded by LGBT advocates for a story he published over 60 years ago.

The founder of Playboy Magazine passed away on Thursday morning due to natural causes at the age of 91. 

Among the tributes made to the media mogul, a rather unexpected one has come from the outlet Gay Star News, which praised Hefner for taking a daring stance on gay rights back in the 1950s, a period renowned for its conservatism.

In 1955, a writer by the name of Charles Beaumont wrote a short story depicting a world where homosexual, not heterosexual, people were the majority.

A number of publications at the time - like Esquire - rejected the piece, but Hefner published it in Playboy - then a fledgling publication.

Although a number of readers wrote in to express their outrage over the story, Hefner staunchly defended it. 

Over the years, he continued to demonstrate for gay rights in the face of religious opposition, saying in 2009 the idea of same-sex marriage doesn't affect anyone and the world needed love "in its various permutations."