Hundreds of people stuck in their cars after heavy snowfall in Cornwall

Hundreds of people stuck in their cars after heavy snowfall in Cornwall

Cars stuck on the A30 in Cornwall until early hours of Friday morning. Image: Jak Roome/SWNS.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hundreds of people were stranded in their cars overnight after snow in Cornwall - as a woman was forced to give birth in ASDA during a flurry.

Cars were abandoned on the two major roads in the county and as gritters failed to improve driving conditions many faced a cold night in their car.

One woman went into labour in a supermarket but the ambulance couldn't get to her because of the snow, leaving her to give birth in a ASDA store in Bodmin, Cornwall.

The woman gave birth at around 4pm, just after the snow fall started.

A spokeswoman for the store confirmed that it was true and added that she could not disclose any details - but the baby and mother are reportedly doing well.

People were forced to abandon their journeys on the A30 and the A38, as well as countless back roads, when the snow piled up.


'Here all night'

Jamaica Inn in Cornwall after heavy snowfall hit on Thursday night. 

Jak Roome was travelling to Wadebridge, Cornwall, to celebrate his 29th birthday with his partner, Jack Slymm, 27, when the roads ahead ground to a halt.

Jak said that 3ft of snow fell quickly and the road beneath froze, making it impossible to tackle the hill in front.

He said on Thursday night: "We're currently about five miles north of Camelford and about 10 miles south of Bude on A39.

"We haven't moved for over three hours, the snow just came down really hard and really quick and the ground froze underneath it.

"The snow at the side of the road is about 3ft deep and anyone trying to get anywhere is just sliding.

"One gritter just came past and it didn't make the slightest bit of difference."

"We're going to be here all night I think, luckily we've got three-quarters of a tank but the people next to us only have half a tank left."


'Like an ice rink'

Highways England announced that the A30 through Temple was passable again after gritters and ploughers worked through the night to reopen the road.

They urged drivers to return to their cars shortly after 5am on Friday, but soon after reports came in of the roads being like an ice rink.

Dave Rich posted on Twitter: "The road from St Eval to Porthcothan is like an ice rink. Solid ice."

Then, just minutes after the A30 reopened, a major crash closed on the adjoining A38 - when a HGV smashed into a hedge, blocking the road.

Drivers across the area are being urged not to take to the roads in Cornwall, and neighbouring Devon, unless it is absolutely necessary.