Hundreds of people take to London calling for the end of the fur trade

Hundreds of people take to London calling for the end of the fur trade

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hundreds of animal right campaigners have taken to central London to demand the end of the fur trade in the UK.

The campaigners marched from Leicester Square and onto Regents Street on Saturday afternoon, holding placards reading “F**k fur” and “End the fur trade”.

The campaigners are calling for the end of the fur trade, including the importation of fur.

Earlier this year, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee called for Parliament to consider a ban on the sale of real fur, after it found some real fur had actually been wrongly labelled as fake.

Their inquiry in July came after it was found that retailers including TK Maxx, BooHoo, Amazon and Tesco had recently sold real fur as fake.

Campaigners released red powder paint and banged drums, chanting “animal fur is not fashion – where the hell is your compassion?”


'Voice for the voiceless' 

Right to left: Grace Howarth, Daniella Livingstone, Sapphire O'Neill and Gabrielle Gordon attending the London March Against Fur. Image: Holly Pyne

Gabrielle Gordon from Shenley had never been to a protest before because she was “concerned about encouraging violence” but felt this march was an opportunity to change the minds of people walking by.

Holding a placard reading “Furget about fur”, she said: “Having lots of people around you encourages you to go to a march more.

“But, I was sceptical and concerned about encouraging violence.”

She added: “I often feel people think that it is only expensive brands that use fur, but people need to know that it can be cheaper clothing too.”

Marching with Ms Gordon was her friend Sapphire O’Neill from Kew, who said the march was an opportunity to be a “voice for the voiceless.”

“It is about feeling angered and being the voice of for the voiceless. Being on the march, you can influence normal Londoners who can see that it means something.”

She added: “If we don’t speak for the animals, no one will.”