'Hundreds of Russian Twitter accounts tweeted about Brexit', researchers claim

'Hundreds of Russian Twitter accounts tweeted about Brexit', researchers claim

Researchers claim Russian accounts tweeted about Brexit

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Researchers claim there were more than 400 Twitter accounts which were allegedly controlled from Russia creating posts about Brexit.

The researchers from the University of Edinburgh looked at 2,752 Twitter accounts which the social media site has suspended in the US, according to The Guardian.

The accounts were banned in the belief that they had been attempting to influence the recent Presidential election.

Researchers claim that 419 of the suspended accounts also tweeted about Brexit as well as UK policies and are linked to the Internet Research Agency, which is based in St Petersburg.

Some tweets allegedly included attempts to incite Islamophobia following the terror attack at Westminster, Sputnik reported.

Moscow has denied that it attempted to influence the Presidential election.

However, both Twitter and Facebook have agreed to work with US Congress on the Trump Russia FBI investigation.

Earlier this week Theresa May claimed Russia was "weaponising information" as media run by the state was able to "plant fake stories" to "sow discord in the west" and she alleged that Russia did meddle in foreign elections.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has claimed her comments are "irresponsible and groundless."