Hurricane Irma and Mexico earthquake: The charities you can donate to

Charities you can donate to aid in Hurricane Irma and Mexico relief efforts

The area has been beset by natural disasters, and relief efforts are underway

Friday, September 8, 2017

There have been a spate of natural disasters in the area around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean in the last few days.

Hurricane Irma has left devastation in its path as it speeds towards Puerto Rico, Florida, and Cuba. 

Meanwhile, at least six people have been confirmed dead after a magnitude 8.4 earthquake rocked the coast of Mexico, triggering a tsunami. 

The country is also braced for a major hurricane, Katia, which is to make landfall this weekend. 

A number of charities are assisting with the relief efforts from these disasters. So, if you want to donate, you've got plenty of choice.

See the lists below:

Hurricane Irma:

Mexico Earthquake and Hurricane Katia

At the moment, there are no direct relief efforts set up for the disasters. But here are some national organisations which are likely to be involved.