Hurricane Irma: Dutch PM says St Martin is now unreachable

UK aid workers describe desperate evacuation as Hurricane Irma tears through the Caribbean

The storm is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Dutch Prime Minister has said the island of St Martin is unreachable due to the damage wreaked by Hurricane Irma.

Mark Rutte made the comment on Twitter on Thursday morning (September 7).

Rutter said that the airport had been heavily damaged, preventing planes from reaching the decimated island.

The politician made the comments after a series of UK aid workers described the desperate efforts to evacuate people trapped in Irma's path.

The storm, which is a category five hurricane, has already created heavy destruction on the islands of Barbuda, Anguilla and St Barts as well as St Martin.

Two people have lost their lives on the latter two islands, while one person has been killed in Barbuda.

Christian Aid workers have been helping to evacuate Haiti and the Dominican Republic ahead of the storm, which will hit today.

Prospery Raymond, the charity’s manager for the two countries, said people were being moved to schools and churches for their own safety, but that some buildings in the north of Haiti would not withstand the storm.

A spokeswoman for the Red Cross in Haiti, Ines Brill, urged locals to get to shelters set up by the government.

The Foreign Office has urged any Britons caught up in the hurricane to follow evacuation orders, while a British navy ship is on standby to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

With sustained winds of 180 miles per hour, Hurricane Irma has become the most powerful Atlantic storm on record.