Husband clings to wife's moving car after marital spat spirals out of control

Husband clings to wife's moving car after marital spat goes wrong in Germany

This man's evening took a major turn for the worst

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Relationships have their ups and downs, but you'd better hope yours doesn't sink as low as this man's. 

A couple in Darmstadt, Germany were having a marital spat, and when they eventually got fed up of the fight, the woman jumped in her car to drove off. 

Her husband didn't want her to leave, and the 39-year-old leapt onto the car bonnet in an attempt to prevent it. 

But this didn't stop his wife - the 61-year-old merely put her foot to the pedal and drove away.

Police were summoned after several witnesses reported seeing the man clinging onto the bonnet and screaming for help. 

The man's deadly situation ended after the car was intercepted by the authorities as it approached police headquarters. 

And there were more serious consquences for his wife after it was established the couple had been drinking, with charges filed against her.