'I didn't realise how close it was until footage was released' - Putney Bridge bus driver speaks about jogger horror

'Only when the footage was released did I see how close she was' - Putney Bridge bus driver speaks out about jogger incident

Olivier Salbris was driving the bus which nearly hit a woman after she was 'pushed' into its path by a jogger

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The driver of the bus which nearly hit a woman on Putney Bridge after a jogger "pushed" her into traffic has revealed he didn't realise how close he came to hitting her until the footage was released. 

Police continue to look for a man involved in the incident on the south London bridge back in May. 

Footage of it has been released by the authorities in order to assist the investigation. 

45-year-old Olivier Salbris took quick action to avoid the woman as she fell onto the ground, swerving out of the way. 

He told Paul Ross: "We have a lot of near-misses daily, but’s probably the first time someone has been pushed into my way.

"Because I’m a professional driver and the training I received, I managed to avoid catastrophe.

"I didn’t think she was that close, it was only once I saw the release of the footage that I realised how close I was to the head of this woman."

Listen above. 

Anyone with information on the jogger is urged to contact police on 101.