'I fell apart, I was hiding in bed': Jack Monroe speaks out about Katie Hopkins libel case

'I completely fell apart' - Jack Monroe speaks out about impact of Katie Hopkins libel case

Jack Monroe recently won a major libel case against Katie Hopkins (Credit: Twitter: @RupertMyers)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The food blogger who won damages from Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins has spoken in more detail at how the situation has affected her life.

Jack Monroe sued Hopkins over two tweets posted in 2015 which suggested she had approved of the vandalism of war memorials.

Monroe won the case, winning £24,000 in damages and her legal fees - over £300,000 - paid by the Mail Online columnist. 

In an extended interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Monroe revealed the deep impact the two tweets had on her life. 

She said: "I was horrified - my father was a paratrooper in the Falklands, my brother’s in the RAF, I’ve come from a strong military family.

"The idea [that] those people thought I'd scrawled on a memorial was horrifying.

"I had tweets telling me I should be put in a wheelchair, people sending pictures of nooses, I got called every four-letter word under the sun.

"I fell apart, I was hiding in bed, just scrolling through Twitter. I took her to court over torrents of abuse I was receiving."

She also said she would have happily forgone the ordeal of going through the courts for libel. 

"It sounds like a lot of money [the damages], but I’d rather have had the apology," she told Julia.

"As public figures, you can’t control your followers, but people do imitate you, so if you make a living out of being vicious and unkind, you’ll attract those kind of people.

“She started the chain of events, but refused to stop them."

Katie Hopkins earlier told the BBC she had no comment on the matter.