'I laughed so hard people think I am nuts' - BBC interviewer is interrupted by his children

'I laughed so hard people think I am nuts' - BBC interview is interrupted by children

An interview on BBC World News was interrupted by children

Friday, March 10, 2017

The BBC has been guilty of some classic interview blunders in its time.

Who could forget the time when a random guy walked into the BBC studios and they interviewed him, to his utter horror. Or the time they claimed to be interviewing a mountain-climber - when in fact they were talking to a magician.

But we reckon today's blunder trumps everything.

During an interview on BBC World News two young children are seen bursting into the room, disturbing the broadcast.

Professor Robert E Kelly is talking about South Korean politics with the presenter when a young girl walks in.

Surprisingly she is then followed by a baby in a baby walker, who seems pretty speedy, and finally by a woman, who drags the screaming children out whilst Kelly apologises.

Unsurprisingly video of the gaffe has gone down a storm on social media, with titillated Twitteristas flocking to register their mirth. Some of their responses are almost as funny as the interview itself.

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