"I loathe and despise David Cameron. The idea of him giving me an honour is bizarre," says Ken Livingstone on honours list row

'It's a reward for a big donation to a political party', says Ken Livingstone on honours list

Ken Livingstone: "turned down" a CBE from David Cameron

Monday, August 1, 2016

Ken Livingstone has told talkRADIO that he refused the offer of a CBE from David Cameron.

The former prime minister has come under fire for his recommendations for the next honours awards, with critics describing his nominees as a 'cronies list'.

Former Labour MP Livingstone, who led London for two spells between 1981 and 2008, said that he was taken aback to be considered.

"The idea that David Cameron, who I loathe and despise, was giving me an honour was bizarre," he told Sam Delaney.

"Nowadays, you just give a million pounds to a political party – and [former prime minister Tony] Blair was just as bad with all this. 

"The way these are being dished out to mates and cronies, it degrades those people who made a great medical discovery or put their life on the line in a war zone."

Mr Livingstone also discussed the withdrawal of university maintenance grants and the impact that is likely to have on poorer students. Listen to the full interview to find out more