'I love Malcolm Baker and his fantastic company': The best reactions to Tim Farron's Brexit grilling

Twitter reacts to Malcolm Baker after he accosts Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron

The pensioner furiously accosted Farron on a visit to Oxfordshire (Credit: Twitter: @Sam_Lister_)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The video of a pensioner accosting Tim Farron over his stance on Brexit has gone viral on Twitter, and provoked a passionate reaction from all sides of the great EU debate.

In the brief exchange, which can be seen here, Malcolm Baker enters into a furious argument with the Liberal Democrat leader, telling him angrily that he knew what he was voting for when he voted to leave last year. 

He turns to the camera and furiously declares how fed up he is to see Farron "running Britain down" and suggesting that the UK is "a fantastic company" [sic]. He also tells the world it's his birthday, making the clip even more bizarre.

Baker then storms off after he's said his piece, telling Farron he'd been a Labour voter his entire life, but is going to vote for Theresa May in June vote.

The clip does have a happy ending though - Baker ended up shaking hands with his adversary, thanking the Lib Dem leader for giving him the chance to vent.

Ever since the video was posted to Twitter, Malcolm Baker has been trending on the network. See the best reaction here.

See some of their responses below: